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Book Review: Poisoned Apples|Poems for You, My Pretty-poetry by Christine Heppermann-5 Stars

poisoned apples


This was a dark but raw and real book of poetry that takes fairy tales and transforms them into poems that invoke thoughts and feelings of teen/adult women regarding their bodies and how they perceive themselves as well as how they think they’re perceived by others. Some of these poems were funny, bluntly so, but as a whole, they were disturbing but hauntingly relevant.

The one I enjoyed the most was titled “Nature Lesson” which I interpret as being a response to pigs saying rape  is a woman’s fault based on how she’s dressed. The captivating last lines read: “We say that if a hiker strays off the path, trips, and winds up crippled, is it really the canyon’s fault?”

From abuse and anorexia to self harm and self-loathing, Poisoned Apples seems to reveal some of the innermost thoughts of females and puts them in beautiful writing aside chilling images.

The author’s note is a great wrap up to this collection: “Maybe she’s a prisoner of a story she’s heard all her life—that fairest means best, or that bruises prove she is worthy of love. But here’s a great thing about stories: they can be retold.”

I would recommend this book to anyone-male or female, but especially young women as the constant battle to be “better” or “different” runs rampant in the hearts and brains of young girls as they mature.


Book Review

Book Review: Unhinged by A. G. Howard- 5 Stars

Unhinged is the second book in the Splintered trilogy. It is so good! Alyssa has returned from Wonderland and is trying to figure out what the heck is going on in her life, and how she can just continue on with high school and such. Secrets are revealed…like major major crazy secrets. The descriptions of Morpheus and Alyssa when they transform to Netherlings is freaking incredible!! A.G. Howard is amazing at setting the scene in these books. I could totally envision Wonderland and it’s inhabitants.  I also was into the love triangle in this one. In Splintered  I was pulling for Jeb mostly, but in Unhinged I was really diggin’ the  romantic interaction between Alyssa and Morpheus and was pulling for them as a couple! I did like how Jeb’s character was fleshed out in the sense of his artwork. I got a tad annoyed with Alyssa in this book because she kept trying to pretend like if she didn’t pay attention to Wonderland, nothing was happening. Uh, girl, focus. You were so freaking set on traveling to Wonderland to see what your family was all about, and now you don’t want anything to do with the place? Seriously, stop. I just wanted to shake her sometimes and be like, WAKE UP! This is what you are here for!

Also, while this cover is seriously gorgeous, I pictured Morpheus to be a bit more dark lord/evil/sexy looking….meh.

I can’t wait to see what happens in the third book, Ensnared! I don’t know if I can wait til 2015 though! 🙂