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Book Review: The Suspect by Fiona Barton- 4 Stars

Reporter Kate Waters is back in Fiona Barton’s third novel! While this can definitely be read as a stand-alone, I recommend reading The Widow and then The Child beforehand because it will give you a great backstory on Kate’s personal life and work as well as her working relationship with Detective Bob Sparkes that I have enjoyed throughout the series.

Every mother knows her child, doesn’t she?

This is the question running through the minds of three mothers when the unthinkable happens and their children are involved. Two 18 year old’s are traveling in Thailand when they turn up missing. Coincidentally, Thailand is where Kate Waters’ son took off for in Barton’s last book, The Child. As the mothers and police go on a search for their children, they find out things about them they could never have thought were true.

This was a wonderfully crafted mystery that kept me engaged through the last page. There were so many layers to unravel and bigger secrets and shockers were revealed at every twist and turn!

Thank you so much to Berkley Books for an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest review! I also received an ebook via NetGalley.

The Suspect will be published on 1/22!

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Book Review: My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren- 4 Stars

This was such a fun and refreshing change in the romance genre!

Millie is a professor at UC Santa Barbara who has extensive knowledge on female serial killers, doesn’t let her true emotions show, and dislikes letting anyone get too close to her. Her best friends are four guys, also on staff at the university. When she and Reid, the guy she’s closest to in her group, end up spending a sexy half-night together, their friendship and relationship starts to change, especially when the friends all join an online dating site to find dates for a university black tie event.

Millie writes the bios for all of the guys’ dating profile, but her own falls flat since she doesn’t like to share anything too personal, so she ends up creating a fake profile where she can be someone different. Of course lying online can’t end well, and someone is bound to get hurt. When Millie and Reid spend a few more half-nights together, the lines between friends and lovers start to blur and they have to decide what’s going on. But will Millie’s deceit get in the way of any sort of friendship, platonic or otherwise?

I really enjoyed this novel and I hope the authors make a series out of this because I would love to read books about all of the guys as well!

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Book Review: Love & Luck by Jenna Evans Welch-4 Stars

I really enjoyed Love & Gelato so I was excited to finally get around to reading Love & Luck! In this book, we follow Lina’s (from L&G) friend Addie around Ireland when she travels there for her aunt’s wedding. She has had her heart broken and suffered some embarrassment thanks to a boy, so when she finds an eccentric guidebook called Ireland for the Heartbroken, complete with homework she has to complete in various destinations all over Ireland, she decides to read the book and travel along on its journey through the country.

This book is definitely geared towards younger readers but I thought it was still a good read. I liked how readers got to experience various sights of Ireland along with Addie while she tried to mend her broken heart and the relationship with her brother. Love & Luck was quirky and fun to read.

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Book Review: A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena- 5 Stars

Karen is a beautiful housewife who is found in a seedy part of town after she wrecks into a pole, leaving her with no memory of what happened prior to her accident. Tom, her husband, is supportive and concerned, but the police think Karen’s amnesia is a convenient lie given the circumstances. Karen’s best friend and next door neighbor, Brigid, wants to get to the bottom of things as well, but she’s got her own agenda.

In the weeks leading up to her accident, Karen was getting worried that someone had been coming in to her house when no one was home. She would notice little things, such as a book moved on the right side as opposed to the left, indents in her bed covers, etc. All of this makes you wonder if Karen is unstable. Does she really not remember what happened that night, or did she do what the cops are accusing her of and she’s just playing the victim?

This fast paced thriller kept me hooked the entire time. It will have you questioning the motives and mental stability of all the characters, and the ending will definitely stick with you! I have read all of Lapena’s books now and look forward to any upcoming releases she will have!

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Book Review: The Lying Game by Ruth Ware-3 Stars

Four friends-Isabel, Kate, Fatima, and Thea-haven’t spoken in years after tragedy and scandal struck their boarding school when they were teens. The girls were notorious among the other students and faculty for telling lies. It was a game to them, complete with points for who could come up with the most believable or outlandish lie.

But one lie they told has caught up with them and the truth has to come out somehow. Now in their thirties, the girls are reunited when Kate sends them all a text saying she needs them.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really care for this book. The premise sounds great but this book bored me with the amount of drivel on pages that could have honestly been left out. It just drug on and on. I thought the characters were annoying, except for Fatima, and I found the ending disappointing. Overall this book was a let down. I did enjoy The Woman in Cabin 10 by this same author and will probably give her book In a Dark, Dark Wood a try.

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Book Review: The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena- 4 Stars

In The Couple Next Door, Marco and Anne leave their sleeping baby in her crib at their house while they attend a dinner party next door. Their sitter had canceled last minute and the hostess demanded no children at the party, so what could they do? They have the baby monitor on, (but the video part is broken, it’s only audio) they check in on Cora every 30 minutes, and they are literally next door. What could go wrong?

There’s so many layers to this novel! Just when you think you’ve been stunned more than you can handle, you’re hit with another shocker! Full of lies, deception, and secrets, The Couple Next Door unravels more panic with every turn of the page. It was fast paced and kept me hooked the whole way through!

This is my second Lapena novel and I can’t wait to read more. I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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Book Review: Watching You by Lisa Jewell-4 Stars

Watching You is about a neighborhood full of messed up people. The story starts out with a murder. We don’t know who has been killed or where except it’s in a house and a red boot tassel has been left at the scene.

Tom, the headmaster at a local school, his wife Nicola, and their son Freddie live in a nice neighborhood. Freddie sits in his upstairs bedroom creeping on the neighborhood out his window. Everyone, including some of Tom’s students, loves him, bordering on obsession. His wife caters to his every whim, and if Tom isn’t around, doesn’t even acknowledge her son as everything she does is for her husband. A few doors down from them live Joey, who lives with her husband, her brother, and his wife. Joey is a sad sap who is obsessed with Tom and is always watching him, swooning over his every move. She is struggling finding a job, as is her husband, which is why her brother, a surgeon, let them move in so they can get back on their feet. Also on the street is Jenna, a student at Tom’s school, and her mother, who is delusional and on the verge of a mental breakdown. She blames Tom for something and watches his family constantly. Everyone in the neighborhood seems to be watching someone else, but why? When you find out who has been murdered, it seems pretty obvious who the killer is, but when you piece together all the secrets the various neighbors have uncovered you might begin to question who the suspect is!

In my opinion this was a pretty good mystery, but I typically prefer more fast paced psychological thrillers. The revelations at the end were stunning, I just felt it was a bit bogged down and slow moving at times, but the last bit was crazy!

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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Book Review: Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks-2 Stars *SPOILERS*

This review contains spoilers. Read at your own risk!


I don’t usually write spoilery reviews but I am SO mad at this book I can’t help it.


Tru, a safari guide from Zimbabwe, receives a letter from a man claiming to be his father. He flies Tru to Sunset Beach, NC so they can meet, and while there, Tru meets Hope, a woman living in the house next door. They immediately have a connection and it seems like fate has brought them together because their passion and chemistry is so strong. Hope is staying in her parents cottage for a few days while she is a bridesmaid in her friend’s wedding. Her on-again-off-again boyfriend is currently in the “off again” status and Hope feels stuck. She’s alone at the beach and is moping around over the fact that her jerk boyfriend still hasn’t proposed after six years, she is a bridesmaid at yet another wedding, and she still doesn’t have kids.

This is not a love story! While Hope and her boyfriend were currently on a break when she had her little rendezvous with Tru, she knew it would have to end with him. Yet she STILL played with his heart. She told him she loved him, shared things with him, and still drove away leaving him broken, devastated, and sobbing. Hope married a man she KNEW wouldn’t work out but chose him over kind, passionate, Tru, because her desire to have children was so strong. YET!!! She yearned for Tru while married to another man. She knew she made a mistake. She never stopped loving him, even while she was married and had children with another man. She is terrible! My heart aches for Tru because he deserved so much more. He suffered heartbreak for years, never loving anyone, keeping his heart guarded and protected for someone who couldn’t be bothered to give him her whole heart.

If you’ve read this far, thanks! I can’t believe how strongly I feel about this book but it just really didn’t sit right with me. It’s in no way a swoony romantic tale of love throughout the ages like some of Sparks’ other novels. I was obviously, highly disappointed.

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Book Review: The Other Mother by Carol Goodman-5 Stars

I need to start this one off with a disclaimer. While I loved the suspenseful, thriller aspect, this book deals heavily with postpartum anxiety/depression/psychosis. I struggled with PPA and this book really hit home with me and brought back some of those fears I had when my son was really little.  I actually had nightmares over some of the scenes that occur. I give the author kudos for including a warning at the beginning of this book as well as an interview with an author who wrote a book that deals with postpartum psychosis.

Daphne is a new mom to Chloe. She becomes friends with Laurel, who also has a daughter named Chloe, at Mom Group. They are both dealing with first time mom/new mom struggles. Laurel is everything Daphne is not- elegant, rich, polished, skinny…but not long after meeting they are acting the same, dressing the same, going to the gym together, Daphne is losing weight and changing her hair to be like Laurel’s.

When Daphne decides to flee with her baby from her controlling husband, she takes a job as an archivist, posing as Laurel, for her favorite author. Schuyler, the author, lives on the grounds near a mental hospital that her father ran. Daphne/Laurel is already dealing with psychosis, but being near this institution and going through Sky’s father’s medical records is making her start to question things even more so.

This book will really make you be suspicious of everyone! Who is who? Who did what? Is anything and anyone like it seems? Told in narrative as well as journal entries by both Laurel and Daphne as well as Edith, a patient, the plot flows quickly and sucks you in.

This book was very complex and surprising. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, the author drops a bomb and completely shocks you! I would recommend but only if you are aware of the heavy subjects this book deals with. I know I would not have been able to read it in the 6 months after my son was born.

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Book Review: The Au Pair by Emma Rous-4 Stars

Seraphine and Danny are twins. The day they were born, their mother threw herself over the cliff at their estate, Summerbourne. 20+ years later, their father dies in a tragic accident at home, and while Seraphine is going through his things, she comes across a photo of the family on the day they were born, but with only one baby in the picture. Seraphine sets out to discover which of the twins is pictured and why there’s only one of them, but she gets more answers than she bargained for. Seraphine goes looking for the Au Pair, Laura, that her older brother Edwin remembers as being the one who took the picture. While searching for Laura they come across a man named Alex who was also part of this family’s life before Seraphine’s mother died. Laura and Alex are adamant that Seraphine stay away from them and Seraphine is left with even more questions. What really happened to their mother? Has everything Seraphine thought she knew about her family a lie?

Full of shocking twists, intriguing mystery, and family secrets, if you’re a fan of mystery thrillers you will not be disappointed in this one. My jaw dropped at the end because until secrets were revealed, I had no idea and I was completely taken aback! I definitely recommend!


I received an ARC of this novel from NetGalley.

This does not influence my review-all opinions are my own! The Au Pair releases 01/08/2019.

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