Book Review

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child-4.5 Stars


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was amazing and emotional and would be for any Potterhead. The script format was confusing to follow (hence the 4.5) but I loved the storyline(s). You have to approach this script focusing on the storyline, the world-building, and the characters. NOT the fact that you’re reading a script of something supposed to be performed…otherwise you’ll become irritated and not enjoy what’s happening. The beauty and allure of this story, for me, is that it allows readers to revisit the magical world of Harry Potter and his friends. Yes, it’s a play, not a novel. NO, J.K. Rowling didn’t completely write it. Yes, it’s a lot different than the books we grew up reading over ten years ago-but the characters are different-they’re adults, married, with children and jobs. The story is emotional, frightening, and funny even, some characters are pretty snarky.  😉 I got watery eyed during several scenes and really liked several lines-one being from Harry- “I’ve never fought alone…And I never will.” (*SOBS*)

CRAZY things happen in this story-alternate realities, nightmares- you will be shocked, you’ll cry, you’ll laugh, and your heart and mind will be flooded with the memories you had of the first time you met Harry Potter.  What I would give to see this on the stage….