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Book Review: The Bottom Line by Aven Ellis-5 Stars


Aven Ellis takes readers back to Chicago and to the world of the Chicago Buffaloes hockey team. This time around, Taylor Hartigan has quit her job that made her miserable and moved back to her hometown in beloved Chicago and cute Canadian Hunter Riley has just been traded to the Buffaloes.

They are both struggling with big life changes and feeling like failures, but can’t forget the moment they shared over a year ago when Hunter broke the glass at a game right in front of Taylor, making her spill nachos ALL OVER HERSELF!

Taylor and Hunter are PERFECT for each other. They understand how hard each other wants to work for what they want, they uplift and encourage each other, they have fun, and the building romance is so swoon worthy! They don’t want to let this relationship fail like they feel they have both failed in their careers, but can they realize they can be successful both in their work and in love?

As with all of Aven’s series readers get to follow up on couples from other books. I love seeing how their relationships are flourishing and seeing what they’re in to now! If you’ve enjoyed Aven’s Chicago on Ice series you will love this one.


The Bottom Line releases October 17th.

Pre-order it on Amazon now, and read more about it on Goodreads!

Thank you SO MUCH to Aven for an advance copy of this novel.

Book Review

Book Review: Sugar and Ice (Rinkside in the Rockies #1) by Aven Ellis-5 Stars


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Josephine Rossi is a vivacious Italian woman with a passion for baking. After having her heart broken, she’s shielded herself from relationships and instead is throwing her heart and soul into her job at Bake It! magazine. She tests recipes but would LOVE to ghostwrite a cookbook so that people can taste her recipes for once! When her oven quits working as she’s trying to bake THE best cannoli cheesecake to impress her boss, she ends up having to use Cade Callahan’s oven-hottie and hockey player with a penchant for fighting on the ice! The two spend hours talking about family traditions, history, and each other’s dreams and goals while JoJo’s cheesecake bakes, and immediately sparks are flying! JoJo has on an apron that has been passed down from generation to generation, and like any good family heirloom, it has a story-if a man sees you in that apron, you’re bound to marry him! I loved all the baking and food testing scenes in this book, as well as any scene involving JoJo’s grandmother, Nonna as she is hilarious!

Cade, like JoJo, has been hurt in past relationships, so of course the two of them are taking it slow. JoJo goes on a hike and fishing with Cade, since he loves the outdoors, and JoJo attempts to teach him how to make homemade pasta, but well, other things are on the menu that night!  I really liked the chemistry between the two of them; it just felt so real. Like all of Aven’s books, you really become invested in the characters and truly sense what they would be like if they were in real life! This combination of sugar and ice mixed perfectly together!

Just when I think I’ve found my favorite Aven couple, a new book comes out and I fall in love with another one! This book was just so fun and sweet you can’t help but love it. And now I really want Funfetti cupcakes and cheesecake 😉

*I received a copy of this novel from the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own!*