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Book Review: A Season to Wed: Three Winter Love Stories- 3.5 Stars

a season to wed


A Season to Wed contains three sweet winter love stories: Love at Mistletoe Inn by Cindy Kirk, A Brush with Love by Rachel Hauck, and Serving Up a Sweetheart by Cheryl Wyatt. Each of the stories is about recovery, redemption, and romance. The female main characters are women who all play significant parts in weddings, but always from the outside, never their own. I love reading romance collections!

My favorite of the bunch was Love at Mistletoe Inn. Hope Prentiss runs Harmony Creek, a wedding venue. When she was 18, she and John Burke ran away to elope-when Hope suddenly changed her mind right after exchanging vows. Thinking the wedding wasn’t legal since the paperwork wasn’t sent in, ten years later she finds out she is still very much married to John, and has to figure out what to do about it!  John has grown up since that night, but Hope still sees him as a young teen and doubts the marriage can work. But John is not about to give up on Hope! This was a genuinely sweet, heartfelt story.

A Brush with Love-Ginger, a top notch beautician, has no room in her heart for loving herself or others after being horrifically burned and scarred. But when her childhood friend returns to town, he’s determined to make her see that she’s beautiful and worthy of love, in his eyes and her own.

Serving Up a Sweetheart was the most emotionally charged novella of the three. Meadow, now a successful wedding caterer and designer, was once bullied in school, and, the oldest of 5, had to take care of her siblings after their abusive father got put in jail and their mother turned to drugs. When one of the bullies, Colin McGrath, turns back up in town, Meadow learns how to truly forgive, open up her heart, and see that people can change.

Overall, these were very sweet stories that I enjoyed reading. I received this book via Book Look Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review

Book Review: Connectivity by Aven Ellis-5 Stars

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Aven graciously gifted me the ebook Connectivity and I could’t be more grateful! There was no review required for this book, but obviously since I love it so much I have to talk about it. All this gushing about this novel is strictly what I truly felt about this book because This book is SO good! I read her other novel Waiting for Prince Harry several months back and can I just say how much I love Aven and her writing?! Her books are the perfect true life romance books. It’s not all roses-the characters still have to face conflicts, and  you can relate to the characters and their relationships. Aven has been added to my list of “auto-buy” authors….if I even see her name on another book in the future I will buy it-I don’t even have to read a synopsis!

In Connectivity the main character is Mary-Kate, or MK. She is a career-driven, fashionable woman who will do anything for her dream of working in the Beautiful Homes Network. She’s currently working for a Sports network under Collective Media Enterprises, which has just been purchased by British mogul William Cumberland. William is also married to his career. Neither of them have time for trivial things like love…

MK is SO klutzy, she blogs, bakes, doesn’t like the party/bar scene her roomies like, SHE HAS RED HAIR, and, like I felt with Kylie in Waiting for Prince Harry, I feel like MK is me. While trying to bind some copies for her boss, MK inadvertenly gets stuck in the binder machine, only to have Mr. Cumberland come to rescue her. She then starts rambling about how she is named after THE Mary-Kate Olsen, which peaks William’s interest and he gives her his credit card to purchase the Full House DVD!  I really enjoyed seeing the relationship form between William and MK. William is British, and handsome. He has “strong cheekbones” he’s “tall and thin,” with “dark,wavy hair” and intense blue eyes. Take a moment to bask in this picture, of whom I picture as William:



While we’re at it, this is who I would cast as MK in a movie of this novel! Amy Adams 1

MK thinks that she’s ruining every chance at her job, until William makes her his assistant. They start flirting relentlessly, and her best friends and roommates start to get annoying and tell her she is going to ruin her life and career by falling for her boss. I really hated Renee and Emily, MK’s “friends” because they literally had no support for her at all. Her sister was the spawn of Satan too! Aven did an excellent job developing the supporting characters, like she did with the main characters. As MK and William’s relationship grows, he takes her to London for business. MK acts exactly how I would if I got to go to my dream city of London!! She is swooning over everything there and I loved it! On their last night in London William gives MK a Tiffany & CO charm bracelet and the moment was just perfect. I love how I can relate to every female main character in Aven’s novels.  My *only* issue with MK is that sometimes I felt she was TOO clumsy and I almost got annoyed with her!

William was the perfect handsome, British, male romantic. He helps MK and supports the fact that she loves her career and encourages her to pursue her dream of writing for  BHN. He respects MK, for her beauty and her brains. The love and chemistry between William and Mary-Kate was so real; while reading nothing felt forced or like it didn’t flow. I really liked the sweet joking/flirting between MK and William. Even though MK and William were opposed to falling in love because it would stand in the way of their careers and dreams, they realized that together, they were even better at pursuing goals to reach their dreams.

This novel made me laugh, swoon, and beg for more of William and MK’s story! Thank you Aven! 🙂