Book Review

Book Review: Watching You by Lisa Jewell-4 Stars

Watching You is about a neighborhood full of messed up people. The story starts out with a murder. We don’t know who has been killed or where except it’s in a house and a red boot tassel has been left at the scene.

Tom, the headmaster at a local school, his wife Nicola, and their son Freddie live in a nice neighborhood. Freddie sits in his upstairs bedroom creeping on the neighborhood out his window. Everyone, including some of Tom’s students, loves him, bordering on obsession. His wife caters to his every whim, and if Tom isn’t around, doesn’t even acknowledge her son as everything she does is for her husband. A few doors down from them live Joey, who lives with her husband, her brother, and his wife.¬†Joey is a sad sap who is obsessed with Tom and is always watching him, swooning over his every move. She is struggling finding a job, as is her husband, which is why her brother, a surgeon, let them move in so they can get back on their feet. Also on the street is Jenna, a student at Tom’s school, and her mother, who is delusional and on the verge of a mental breakdown. She blames Tom for something and watches his family constantly.¬†Everyone in the neighborhood seems to be watching someone else, but why? When you find out who has been murdered, it seems pretty obvious who the killer is, but when you piece together all the secrets the various neighbors have uncovered you might begin to question who the suspect is!

In my opinion this was a pretty good mystery, but I typically prefer more fast paced psychological thrillers. The revelations at the end were stunning, I just felt it was a bit bogged down and slow moving at times, but the last bit was crazy!

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.