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Book Review: The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang-5 Stars

Well this was unexpectedly steamy and I loved it! Stella has Asperger’s. She’s brilliant, beautiful, and rich, but she isn’t good with people or relationships, so she hires Michael, a swoon worthy, delicious looking, sweet escort to teach her about sex and how to have a boyfriend.

This was obviously sexy and steamy as we have an escort service situation going on, but it was also really funny and romantic as well as emotional. I really got invested in Stella and Michael’s relationship as well as Stella’s life in general and how she dealt with obstacles while having Asperger’s.

If you’re looking for a hot romance, this is definitely it, but it’s also got some depth with the realness of Stella’s feelings and emotions! The romantic scenes are frequent and the author builds up the anticipation just enough to keep your interest. Stella’s inner struggles with self-perception as well as how others view her just seemed so raw and real and I found myself hurting for her but also cheering her on! I highly recommend!


Thanks to my sweet friend Jenn at Live, Read, and Prosper for letting me borrow this amazing book!

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Book Review: All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover-3.5 Stars

I don’t like to do spoilery reviews on my site so this will probably be a very short review so I don’t give too much away. I usually love CoHo’s books, I want to say that first off, but this was my least favorite.

All Your Perfects tells the story of Graham and Quinn-their first meeting, the falling in love, the marriage, and the absolute wreck of a life they are both living in the present tense.The chapters alternate between THEN and NOW telling their story. I only liked the last 15% of the book, and the “THEN” chapters. On a very small level I can relate to Quinn in one aspect but overall I found her actions and treatment of Graham detestable. Obviously Graham is not without fault here either but Quinn, Quinn just really did me over.

I did not find myself as emotionally invested in this book as I have with all her other books. Like I said, the last 15% was amazing, it wrecked me with every emotion I have, but it wasn’t enough to redeem the book as a whole. I do hope for a sequel though to finish out the rest of their story!


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Book Review: Without Merit by Colleen Hoover-4 Stars

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CoHo is one of my favorite authors when it comes to raw, gritty, dramatic romance. I always say her novels are like Lifetime movies in book form! In typical CoHo fashion this book deals with heavy subject matter, (i.e. suicide, abuse, mental illness, etc) so proceed with caution.

Without Merit tells the story of the Voss family. They are screwed up, messed up, harboring hurt, pain, and secrets.

Merit lives in an old church building that her father turned into a house. Her sick mother lives in the basement, and upstairs, her father lives with his new wife, their son, Merit’s twin Honor, and their brother Utah. Something horrible has happened to Merit and she feels disconnected from the family. She hates keeping their secrets, dealing with their drama, and feeling alone. When a hot stranger passionately kisses her one day, she can’t stop thinking about him, even after realizing he thought she was Merit, and he moves in with them.

Throughout the book Merit struggles with the secrets and resentment she’s been holding on to. While there is romance in this book it’s not as heavily focused on like other books by this author. Mostly, it’s about Merit coming to terms with her life and situations involving her dysfunctional family. Merit is about to literally and figuratively collapse from the weight of secrets she is responsible for.

It was tough to read at times but there’s also that dry wit and humor I love in a CoHo book as well!

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Book Review: After the Game (The Field Party #3) by Abbi Glines-4 Stars


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The third book in The Field Party series tells tells Brady’s story. I’ve enjoyed this series as it’s set in a small town that’s centered around football which is exactly how I grew up so it resonates with me.

Two years ago Riley Young and her family were shunned from Lawton when Riley accused Rhett Lawton of rape. No one believed Riley, that a Lawton boy could do such a thing. Now Riley and her parents are back in Lawton to take care of her grandmother who has Alzheimer’s, along with Riley’s daughter, Bryony.

Brady Higgins, football star and all around southern gentleman, like everyone else in town, hates Riley for the “lie” she told about Rhett but after an unexpected car ride, he starts to doubt that Rhett is innocent. Riley and Brady start to spend more time together as she literally had no friends left. I loved how Brady didn’t care if he was seen with Riley-even though he was nervous at first due to how Gunner would react. In the previous books we get a glimpse of just how sweet Brady is, so it was great to have a whole book dedicated to him. Like any teenager he cares about what people thinks to an extent but deep down he has a great heart and is a romantic! Riley and the boys were all friends from a young age but this trauma obviously caused them all to drift apart.

I sort of had an issue with how Riley’s rape and her being shunned was just kind of glossed over. Brady believed her, but no one really seemed to understand the magnitude of what happened. Overall though I’m glad I got to read Riley and Brady’s story and I’m looking forward to the next book in this series!

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Book Review: Simple Perfection (Rosemary Beach #6) by Abbi Glines-3 Stars

Simple Perfection is the conclusion to Woods and Della’s story that began in Twisted Perfection.

I LOVED Woods and Della’s story in Twisted Perfection, but I seriously disliked Della in Simple Perfection. She was completely idiotic and whiny 95% of the time. I don’t know what else Woods can do to prove his complete love and adoration for her and she actually UNDERSTAND. Della loves Woods, but she doesn’t feel deserving of him because of her past. When Della overhears Woods talking to Jace about “dealing with someone’s crazy” she assumes it’s about her and decides to leave town with Tripp. When she shows up at her best friends house, Della is hit with a huge revelation that will change her whole life. Woods is one of my favorite Rosemary Beach characters and I still loved him in this book, I just almost couldn’t deal with Della! Eventually at the end I started to like her more but it made reading the book really hard!

There is a huge tragedy that happens…I was in shock and honestly didn’t think it was real at first. So prepare your heart if you’re invested at all in any of these characters! I’ll continue reading the Rosemary Beach series as I can’t wait for Grant and Tripp’s stories to come up!


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Book Review:Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines (Rosemary Beach #5)-5 Stars

Twisted Perfection follows after Blaire and Rush’s story in Rosemary Beach! This is Woods Kerrington’s story.

Through all of the “Too Far” books with Rush and Blaire, I always like Wood’s character. He just seemed sexy, sweet, and a little dark and mysterious. When he meets Della, they make it clear they are just in it for a one night stand. But neither of them can stop thinking about that night…

Della has suffered an abusive childhood and has witnessed something terrible that she’s running from, trying to see the world and live. Woods’ dad demands that he marry into another wealthy family to carry on the company. Woods doesn’t want to settle for a loveless, arranged marriage, but he can’t ever find the guts to say so and just walk away.

This story was HOT HOT HOTTTTTTT. I really love Blaire and Rush but I think Woods and Della just topped their story for me! It’s full of drama, heartache, and steamy scenes. The crap Della has gone through really messed with my emotions and made my heart hurt for her, but the sincere love and sweetness she experiences from Woods REALLY tore with my emotions! I loved it all!!

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Book Review: Under the Lights (The Field Party #2) by Abbi Glines-4 Stars

Willa moves back to Lawton, Alabama after a tragedy strikes that leaves her feeling responsible and her mother not wanting her. She comes back to her Nonna, the only person she’s ever believed loved her. All she wants to do is put her past mistakes behind her and make her Nonna proud. If you’ve read the first book, you’ll remember Brady, West, Maggie, and Gunner, as well as others at the high school. Coming from a small town that is centered on football and those familiar Friday night lights, I really like the feel of this series. Brady, Gunner, and Willa were best friends when they were younger, before Willa’s mom moved her away. Now she’s back, grown up and gorgeous, and once again Brady and Gunner are vying for her attention. If you couldn’t guess, there’s gonna be a little bit of a love triangle, but only sort of, and I liked it. 😉

Brady has a wonderful family-two loving parents who support him and a great looking future in football. Willa’s mom had her young, abandoned her and left her at her Nonna’s, only to show up years later claiming she was ready to be her mom, but it was all a lie. The things her mother says and does to her broke my heart. Gunner Lawton’s family is THE family of Lawton. Filthy rich, but their house is full of hate. Gunner is keeping a secret that eats him up inside and has never felt love from anyone except his older brother. The wealth of his family doesn’t hold a candle to the compassion and acceptance he wished he had.


This series is substantially more tame than Glines’s other novels, but I still enjoyed the drama, emotion, and romance. This series deals with characters who have suffered so much pain and heartache at such a young age that desperately need someone to understand them and show what them love truly is. My heart was crushed and my emotions wrecked all over the place, but I loved every minute of it.

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Book Review: Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines-4.5 Stars

Maggie, a girl who witnessed her father murder her mother and has since stopped speaking, because if she doesn’t speak, she doesn’t have to talk about that day… moves in with her mother’s brother Boone, his wife Coralee, and their son Brady who is the same age as Maggie. Brady is the hotshot school quarterback. He tells all his football buddies that Maggie is off limits, but she’s beautiful. She’s obviously a good listener, and has a kind face, so it’s not too long before one of Brady’s friends is trying to flirt with her.

West’s dad is dying of cancer. West is a big-time football star like Brady. He’s hot and he knows it, and could have any girl at the school. He puts on a front so he doesn’t show his hurt from watching his dad slowly die more and more each day. As West and Maggie begin to form a connection only the two of them could share, the line between friendship and romance becomes blurred. Maggie knows the pain of watching a parent die, so she’s able to be there for West when he just needs someone to listen and relate to his fears and pain.

Gosh, this book really tore up my emotions, I was sobbing so hard by the end! I really felt the pain and grief that West and Maggie were feeling, and the way they connected over such heartache was terrible and heartwrenching, but the way they helped each other heal and work through their pain was so sweet.

I can’t wait to read the next two books in this series!


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Book Review: Point of Retreat (Slammed #2) by Colleen Hoover-4.5 Stars



Point of Retreat picks back up with Layken and Will after Layken’s mom passes. Lake and Will are raising their younger brothers and still working on making their relationship last. But when a person from the past shows up Lake begins to question their entire relationship and Will must do all he can to prove to her his love is real.

I was really annoyed with Lake in this book. She was overly whiny and dramatic jumping to conclusions without giving Will a chance. I understand her hurt and doubt but she was acting like a child.

Eddie and Gavin are back and their relationship and friendship with Will and Lake is just awesome. There’s also some new characters involved, Sherry, and her daughter Kiersten who is in school with Kel and Caulder. They are hilarious and become instant friends with Will and the rest of the group.

You know it wouldn’t be a Colleen Hoover book without a scene to make you weep, and does Point of Retreat ever deliver on that! As relationships are tested and futures look uncertain, your butterflying emotions will be all over the place with this one.

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Book Review: Maybe Not by Colleen Hoover-5 Stars


Maybe Not tells the story of Warren and Bridgette from Maybe Someday. I loved reading how their attraction happened and how they ended up falling in love. In Maybe Someday, Bridgette is terribly mean, and while I’m not excusing her behavior, in Maybe Not readers find out more about her crappy life and what she’s been dealt that makes her bitter and try to shut people out. I absolutely loved the chemistry between Bridgette and Warren! Warren is hilarious and a romantic. Even though this is just a novella character spin-off, I enjoyed it more than the full-length novel!