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Book Review: Forget Me Not by A.M. Taylor-3 Stars

Ten years ago a seventeen year old girl named Nora goes missing. All that was found was her car, with an empty gas tank, not far from her family’s lake house. Her body was never found and she never returned either. Ten years to the exact day, her younger sister Noelle (Elle) is found murdered not far from where Nora’s car was abandoned. Maddie, one of Nora’s best friends, still deals with the grief over not having closure from Nora’s disappearance and makes it her mission to find out once and for all not only what happened to Nora but who killed Elle as well. The police aren’t necessarily convinced the two cases are connected, but all of Nora’s family and friends vehemently believe this.

This book was off to a great start. The pace and tone was perfect, and I had my suspicions of who the killer was, but I hadn’t quite figured out what became of Nora. I like being surprised in mysteries, I don’t usually enjoy figuring out the answer too early in advance as it kind of kills the book for me, so that aspect was great. What I did not like, and the reason for the 3 stars, is the fact I thought that what happened to Nora was completely absurd and unbelievable. (Spoiler down below!!!!)






***SPOILER*** I can NOT believe the police wouldn’t have thought to dredge the lake NEAR HER LAKE HOUSE when they could not find a body!!! That baffles me.

Aside from this, this was an expertly crafted suspense that I really enjoyed for the most part!

I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Book Review: Lies by T.M. Logan-4 Stars

In one moment, Joe Lynch’s life changes completely. He’s driving home with this young son when they spot his wife’s car at a hotel. William wants to surprise his mommy so of course Joe obliges, only to find her in an argument with one of their friends, Ben. They bicker and Joe knocks Ben unconscious and this is only the start of Joe’s terrifying days to come.

I was completely sucked into this book from the beginning. I HAD to know what was going to happen! It was twisted, fast paced, and full of tension that left me on the edge of my seat!

Lie after lie after lie came pummeling at Joe. The poor guy couldn’t catch a break. The ending completely took me by surprise, and I knocked off a star because I wasn’t fully convinced it was plausible, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this thriller!

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for the opportunity to read an ARC of “Lies”; all opinions are my own.

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Book Review: An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen- 4.5 Stars

Seeking women ages 18–32 to participate in a study on ethics and morality. Generous compensation. Anonymity guaranteed. 

When I saw Hendricks and Pekkanen had written another book together I was so excited! I devoured “The Wife Between Us” earlier this year as it was so riveting and had such a unique premise! I’m happy to report “An Anonymous Girl” was just as riveting, if not more so! I read this in one day, and that’s saying A LOT because I have a rambunctious one year old that takes up most of my time and attention, so that’s how you know I loved this one! Every second I had to myself I was reading!

Jess, a makeup artist, sneaks her way in to a psychiatrist’s study on ethics and morality after she overhears one of her clients talking about it. Jess becomes involved in a study sitting in front of a computer answering questions and revealing her deepest secrets, all anonymously, and she gets paid. A LOT. Sounds great, and easy, right? But what is the point? What purpose is being served, where Jess must answer some really thought provoking questions about herself?

Soon, Jess finds herself not just Subject 52 in an anonymous study seated in front of a computer, but seated in the office of the psychiatrist herself, Dr. Shields. Shields has taken quite the interest in Jess, and the study becomes more personal and expands from beyond a computer survey to going places, doing different things, meeting various people.

Jess begins to question her safety and the sanity of the Dr. but her family really needs the money she’s making from this study. How far will she go to help those she loves? What REALLY is the point of this study?

“An Anonymous Girl” is loaded with twists and ‘oh my gosh’ moments that will leave your jaw hanging in shock! This psychological thriller will grab you from the first page and you will not want to stop reading once you’re sucked in to this ethical and moral study along with Jess!

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review! This does not affect my opinions of the book. “An Anonymous Girl” releases January 8th, 2019.

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Book Review: Somebody’s Daughter by David Bell-4 Stars

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One night Michael’s ex wife Erica unexpectedly shows up at his house in a panic. Her 9 year old daughter is missing and she is begging Michael to help. Michael doesn’t understand why until Erica drops the bomb that her missing daughter is also HIS daughter!

Married at a young age, Michael and Erica have been divorced for almost 10 years. Michael is happily remarried, and his wife Angela is left shocked and stunned wondering what is going on. Erica was known for being dramatic and Michael has no clue what to believe, but he’s worried for this child’s life. Through the course of one night many secrets are revealed and there are twists coming at you so fast you won’t be able to put this one down.

Almost every character has a secret in this book and you will start to suspect everyone at some point but I did not have the mystery figured out until the big reveal.

Somebody’s Daughter is a thrilling psychological suspense that will keep you on your toes!


I received an ARC of this novel from Netgalley and Berkley Books. All opinions are my own! Somebody’s Daughter releases July 10th.

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Book Review: The Girl Before by JP Delaney-1.5 Stars

There’s not much I can say about this one that won’t give away spoilers, but I didn’t like it. It was like a weird mystery, watered down version of Fifty Shades of Grey. Edward, an architect, has designed a futuristic, minimalist house on One Folgate Street. Its renters must adhere to dozens of rules. Edward is weird, but so are the women-Emma, from the past, and Jane, who is currently living there. Nothing seemed to fit or make sense, especially the ending when the mystery is “solved.” It wasn’t scary, just a little creepy and confusing, and the storyline seemed jumbled. If you’re looking for a good thriller, skip on this one.

I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.

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Book Review: Silent Child by Sarah Denzil-4 Stars

One day during a terrible flood, Aiden Price, 6 years old, vanishes. His body is never recovered and eventually his mother, Emma, has to declare him deceased. Emma ‘s life went into a tailspin. She became an alcoholic and tried to commit suicide. Now she’s healing, 8 months pregnant, and happily married.

10 years later, Aiden is found walking out of the woods. Where has he been for all these years? Who took him? What happened? All of these questions remain unanswered because Aiden isn’t speaking.  Based on test the doctors run and from the looks of him, the DCI has determined he was held captive in a small dark place. Why won’t Aiden tell anyone what happened to him? Is the abductor someone he knows, and he’s suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, and wants to protect his captor?

The police are questioning every person who had contact with Aiden 10 years ago, but they’re unable to make a break. Emma’s marriage is suffering and she’s about to lose all control due to Aiden not talking-if he would just speak, this nightmare could end!

The beginning of the book seemed to drag on, but the ending totally redeemed it for me because the psychological aspect of this dark thriller completely messed with my mind and had me questioning everyone. You think you’ve got everything figured out and then you’re hit with another roller coaster twist. I kid you not, so much craziness happens in the last portion of the book, your jaw will drop in shock! The horrors you can imagine that Aiden went through were terrifying, and towards the end this book got insanely crazy. The amount of horrors that goes on in the last third of the book gave me nightmares! If you enjoy twisty, screw with your head fiction, definitely give this one a try!


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Book Review: The Gift by Louise Jensen-4 Stars


Louise Jensen is back with another psychological thriller after her awesome debut, The Sister!

Jenna has received a heart transplant and, going against doctor’s advice, has contacted the family of the donor. Jenna feels guilty but grateful over her second chance at life, because someone had to die so that she could live. As she becomes more involved in her donor family’s life, Jenna begins to question what really happened to Callie when she died.

When she begins having dreams and sensations of being in the donor Callie’s life, she starts to do some research into Cellular Memory. Can organs retain memories, and, once transplanted into another, show the recipient what it remembers? Jenna thinks so. She believes Callie is trying to show her something, and she is determined to get to the bottom of how Callie died. Jenna can feel, and see, Callie’s emotions and certain shocking memories. She’s on loads of medication to help her body not reject her heart, she’s having panic attacks, and becoming forgetful and spaced out so her friends and therapist don’t believe her. But as Jenna tries to understand more about Callie’s family, her past and her death, it becomes obvious some sort of foul play is at hand and someone wants Jenna to stop digging.

This was a crazy thriller with an ending I didn’t see coming!

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Book Review: The Sister by Louise Jensen-3 Stars

Grace lost her father a young age and blames herself. At a new school she meets Charlie, and the pair instantly become best friends. But when they turn 18, Charlie disappears and then dies, leaving Grace emotionally distraught and left with secrets. Charlie always wanted to find her dad, so Grace is determined to do so after her death. When she meets a girl named Anna who claims to be Charlie’s step sister, crazy things start to happen. Grace takes sleeping medication and drinks regularly to numb her pain, and mixed with secrets and her stupidity and naivete , what can possibly go wrong? 

Definitely scary and thrilling, with a twist I honestly wasn’t expecting. Really loving psychological thrillers lately!

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The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware-5 Stars


The Woman in Cabin 10 tells the story of Lo, a journalist, who has been given the opportunity to sail on the maiden voyage of a luxury cruise ship for a story. Several days before departure her house is broken in to while she’s sleeping, and she comes face to face with the burglar, who took her purse with many of her personal items, makeup, phone, etc., and hit her in the face with the door before leaving. Lo takes anxiety pills for panic attacks and this incident really shook her up. She also has a drinking problem. All that combined makes for little to no sleep and a ton of anxiety.

Fast forward to the ship. This cruise is luxurious. As Lo is getting ready in her fancy gown, she realizes she forgot to buy new mascara as her other one was in her purse that got stolen. She goes next door to cabin 10, bangs on the door, and is abruptly met with a young, pretty, dark haired woman who hastily gives her mascara and insists Lo doesn’t return it. (First off, ew! You’re borrowing mascara from a stranger on a ship?!) The ship, while luxurious, is still small, and Lo finds herself panicking and drinking too much. There’s several other journalists, photographers, the owner of the ship and his cancer-stricken wife on board. An ex-boyfriend, also a journalist, is on the ship, and Lo finds herself accosted by Ben on her way back to her room. Sometime after they make amends, Lo has finally fallen asleep only to be awakened by a splash right next door in cabin 10! She looks out the veranda and sees a woman’s hand in the water and blood on the glass door of 10….. yet she’s told room 10 has been empty, as the guest suddenly had to cancel…did she drink one too many the night before? Was lack of sleep causing her to imagine things? But Lo know’s what she saw and heard and she will not stop digging for the sake of the woman she knows exists.

With an unreliable narrator who has to take pills, has sleeping issues and a drinking problem, I thought I had the story figured out but I was all wrong. This was a super fast read that totally caught me off guard and I loved it! It really messes with your mind. Highly recommend for thriller lovers!

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Book Review: The Sisters by Claire Douglas- 5 Stars

One lied. One died.

the sisters

This book was awesome! Talk about a thrill from beginning to end! A story of two sets of twins, one identical and one fraternal set caught up in a web of lies, lust, love, friendship, betrayal, delusion….I didn’t know who to trust, who to blame, who’s crazy, who’s really who they say they are? It’s hard to review without giving any spoilers (I won’t) but this was an insane story that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Abi’s identical twin sister Lucy died in a car accident and Abi was driving. Abi lives with survivor’s guilt and she is pretty unstable. She meets Bea, who has a fraternal twin, Ben. Strangely, Bea looks just like Abi, who obviously would look like the dead twin, Lucy, and Abi is drawn to Bea. Ben and Bea live in a swanky house and seem very well off, but really weird, and they’re keeping a secret. When suspicious things start happening, who’s to blame? Is Abi so unstable she’s making things up, or is it the work of Bea, trying to lead Abi to think she’s delusional? I didn’t figure out the huge secret until the moment it was revealed! And that ending was CRAZY!! I think there should be a sequel for this one!