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Book Review: Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler 5 Stars

Oh this book was a delight. I had my eye on it but hadn’t got around to reading it until my coworker highly praised it; and I’m so glad I read it! Vinegar Girl is perfection. Kate’s father wants her to marry his foreign research assistant so he will not be deported. Kate is headstrong, intelligent, and witty, but can be brash, especially in her job as a preschool teacher assistant. Kate and her sister Bunny lost their mother young and Kate has played the matriarchal role for many years. Their father is completely absorbed in his research but is still a loving father, if distant at times. Boring as it may sound, I LOVED the routine and systems the Battista’s have, with their weekly meat mash and dishwashing method.

Anne Tyler is a storytelling mastermind. The premise of the story seems so harsh and outdated, but it’s such a lighthearted, feel good novel. The epilogue was my favorite part, but I loved the passage on page 202 when Pyotr explains to Kate his frustration with the English language- “There is no special word for ‘you’ when it is you that I am speaking to. In English there is only one ‘you,’ and I have to say the same ‘you’ to you that I would say to a stranger; I cannot express my closeness. I am homesick in this country, but I am thinking I would be homesick in my own country now, also….there is no place for me. So I have to pretend I am fine here.”  This novel is beautifully written-a masterpiece of a story with strong willed characters that mesh together exquisitely in an unconventional way.

I highly recommend Vinegar Girl!


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Book Review: Ensnared (Splintered #) by A. G. Howard- 5 Stars

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Yes yes yes yes YESSSSSS.

I’ve come across mixed reviews for how people felt about this conclusion to the Splintered trilogy. I personally LOVED it.

The trilogy centers around Alyssa and her parents, as well as her boyfriend Jeb, torn between their human world and Morpheus in Wonderland. I LOVE the dark, edgy, twisty take on Alice in Wonderland. Sometimes going into the final book of trilogies I’m a little apprehensive and don’t want to be let down. Not with Ensnared! It was the perfect mix of insanity, magic, romance, and fantasy. The final book Alyssa is trying to right all that is wrong, to repair relationships, and to save Wonderland. Alyssa is a great strong female MC who will go to any length to save those she loves. She knows her destiny is part Wonderland queen and part earthly human, and doesn’t want to let either part of her soul down. The world that the author creates is so magical, and I get pulled in like I’m seriously there.

I got all I wanted from the final book, and I can’t wait for Untamed, a collection of 3 novellas to come out in the winter, that gives more insight into the world of Wonderland and it’s characters!


“We will wreak such beautiful havoc together.”

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Book Review: The Secret Journal of Ichabod Crane-4 Stars


I’ve been in a serious reading slump lately, but I did want to do a brief review on a fun journal I received from Blogging for Books.

I really enjoy watching the show Sleepy Hollow so I knew I had to read this journal! I love Ichabod in the show-he is so clueless at times to this time period but still so intelligent and I really felt his voice coming through in the journal. I like how this is a journal type book and not just a novel because you really get a sense that Ichabod wrote this journal, or was writing it, while he experiences crazy new phenomena with Abby Mills. If you enjoy watching the TV show and you also like to read, I really recommend this journal because it’s a fun retelling of the series!

Thanks to all of my followers….I really hate not posting frequent reviews but I just have been so burnt out. Stick with me, and soon I will be back to my normal self and reading and reviewing! 🙂