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Book Review: Elusion by Claudia Gabel & Cheryl Klam-5 Stars

This book received very low ratings on Goodreads, and I’m not sure why. I love it, and think it’s brilliantly awesome! Plus, just look at the gorgeous cover! elusion

Elusion is an almost dystopian type novel. There’s still different cities and states, but it is still separated into different sectors of town, kinda like how we have the ritzy areas in my city, and the poorer communities, but there aren’t factions like in Divergent nor districts like The Hunger Games. But, the citizens have to wear O2 shields because the air is so awful, and acid rain pours down requiring special umbrellas. The premise is this: You can escape to Elusion with a special app, visor, and wristband. You can visit these special locations: Thai beaches, go mountain climbing, etc., and you can’t get hurt, nor feel anything but joy, happiness, and elation. Except, people are getting hurt. Suspicious things are happening, and Regan is determined to get to the root of it. Regan’s father, David Welch, created Elusion with the help of Regan’s best friend, Patrick. After David dies, Patrick is obviously in charge, and making Elusion the most coveted phenomenon in the world. Once Elusion is targeted for being dangerous, Regan feels she needs to find out what is really going on, because she doesn’t want to believe her father is responsible for what some people are claiming. I think this novel is spectacular. The authors created a world that I felt sucked in to, actually in Elusion, not just reading a book. The ending for me was somewhat expected, but the details of it I hadn’t really expected! (not to go into too much detail as to avoid spoilers!) As for the characters, I felt Regan was a very fleshed out character, but I would have liked to see more depth to her mom’s character. I loved the impending romance between Regan and Josh but again, would have liked more about his character too.  Overall, this has been one of my favorite books so far in 2014, and I can’t wait for the sequel! I definitely recommend you check out Elusion!

Book Review

Book Review: Waiting for Prince Harry by Aven Ellis- 5 Stars

Thank you to Aven Ellis for sending me a free ecopy of this wonderful book! And, thank you to Laura Kenyon for hosting the interview of Aven that ultimately led to me getting to enjoy this book! Check out Laura’s blog: She usually hosts author interviews weekly that feature amazing authors with very interesting novels…and, she’s an author herself, with a super exciting book, Desperately Ever After. 

Now! On to the book….

Waiting for Prince Harry is about Kylie Reed, a young woman in her mid twenties who loves to sew, bake brownies, stay in on weekends, and take silly pop quizzes. Basically, she’s me. Except for the sewing part…but we’re both homebodies! Kylie is obsessed with the ginger Prince Harry (who can blame her!) She hates confrontation, and is always dreaming about how to make her future life perfect….without dealing with the present.

I just love this book. While Kylie is dreaming and lusting over Prince Harry, the only person I visualized while reading was Kevin McKidd…aka Owen from Grey’s Anatomy. *swoon*

Kevin McKidd, Hot Scottish ginger
Kevin McKidd, Hot Scottish ginger
The Actual Prince Harry, hottie ginger prince

Kylie stumbles into a mysterious red head in a bar named Harrison, thinking it will never lead anywhere, but she couldn’t be more wrong. I thought both Kylie and Harrison’s characters were very well developed, easy to relate to, and believable. Anyone who knows a redhead knows they have a temper, usually nothing serious, but definitely an outburst every once in a while! So whenever Harrison felt betrayed or anything, his temper flared, making him super relatable, but still so lovable. He is a filthy rich, philantropist, hockey playing sweetheart though! I definitely saw myself being friends with Kylie…or being her. She hates confrontation, instead sometimes goes with what people want her to do instead of what she knows she wants instead. I loved how Aven built up the romance between the two. At first they both wanted to just be friends, but the chemistry was so strong between them sparks were flying all the time! This book made my emotions run crazy…I felt anger, sadness, hope, happiness… but ultimately joy from finishing this novel!  I hope there’s a sequel!

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Book Review: Dream Student by J.J. DiBenedetto-3 Stars

First, a special thank you to Mr. DiBenedetto for sending me a free copy of his book!

Dream Student is about Sara Barnes, a college student in the late eighties, who starts having disturbing nightmares about murders that end up being true. I love the premise, an other-worldly, psychic kinda deal, but the writing was very difficult to handle. I felt there was a lot of excess dialogue, description, what have you, that could have been left out. For example, pretty much every time Sara and her friends go to the school cafeteria to eat, there’s always discussion about how much the food sucks and everyone ends up eating cereal. Every. Time. And sometimes it read like a middle school diary, like each act of the day was blatantly spelled out. Other than those issues with how the story flowed, I did enjoy this novel. I especially liked the romance between Sara and Brian, and the friendship between Sara and Beth. Both her boyfriend and friend were so supportive of her nightmares and they all worked together to figure out a cause or a solution. I did have the killer pegged early on in the book; but it was still interesting to see the friends work together and put an end to it. I would like to read the others in this series because I like the idea of seeing into other people’s dreams, and also because each one seems to build off the others,continuously  developing Sara’s relationships. I thought the author did a great job of portraying the terror Sara felt while having such nightmares, like when she bit the arm off of her stuffed animal. It was also neat that she was able to think back into her dreams and visualize pivotal details about the scene, that ultimately led to the capture of the dream murderer! Thank you again to the author!

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Book Review: Mercy Snow by Tiffany Baker- 4 Stars

I won this through Goodreads First Reads Giveaway!

This is a difficult book to review because while I liked it, I didn’t love it. I did like the magical realism aspects tossed in, such as the healing powers of Mercy’s concoctions, which reminded me of Sarah Addison Allen’s books, but the fierceness of June  also reminded me of Ron Rash’s book Serena. June is power hungry, she is the mill owners wife, so she has to go through life in a hard shell to seem worthy of that position. Cal, June’s husband, is harboring secrets, not only his, but those of his father’s. The Snow family, who everyone in town sees as no-good trash, are caught in the middle of one of Cal’s secrets. June, even though her marriage to Cal is in shambles, sets out to make the Snow’s life a living hell and run them out of town as to protect Cal’s secret. I thought Mercy was a very strong character, being so young and forced to care for her brother and sister with no money or decent place to live. Leading up to the climax I felt the book dragged on, and then when everything culminated and the secrets were out it was so sudden and abrupt ending. I did NOT like the ending- I felt how Tiffany Baker chose to have June restart her life didn’t seem plausible for how headstrong she was. Overall this was an enjoyable, quick read and I recommend it if you enjoy mysteries, or magical realism.

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We Were Liars by E. Lockhart- 3.5 Stars

There’s not much I can say about this novel, except the fact that it took me FOR.EVER to get in to, but after I did, I couldn’t put it down. Yesterday, I was about 16% through on my kindle and finished it about an hour ago. It’s brilliant, just freaking genius. But the semi-low rating comes from the fact that it started off ridiculously slow. But the imagery and the freaking ending…. I just can’t. Go read it. That’s all!